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How to Feed Your Chakras

I spend a lot of time talking about feeding your inner rainbow to fuel your chakras; I figured it was time to get specific about how.

As color energy centers, chakras need the fuel provided by nature’s color energy. The most obvious form of energy comes from food. The colorful fruits and vegetables the health industry is encouraging everyone to consume does wonders for your chakras as well as your diet.

However, color energy has a multitude of other sources:

  • Nature: Surround yourself with the beauty of Nature by bringing colorful flowers and gemstones into your home and work environments.

  • Activities: Spend time daily doing at least 3 things you enjoy doing.

  • Gemstones & Minerals: There is more than just beauty in those rocks. The color energy they contain makes them a healing addition to your personal adornment and décor. Rose quartz, amethyst, jade, and citrine are just a few examples of gemstones that will feed your inner rainbow.

The more you feed your chakras with the color energy from nature, the healthier you will be on all levels:

  • Spiritual: The cure for disease is prevention, which starts when we feed our spirit. Being full of color energy keeps the “whole” person healthy.

  • Physical: Your body thrives on color nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. The minerals in these foods are the catalysts for numerous cellular activities in the body.

  • Emotional: Being full of color energy helps you feel peaceful, content, and whole.

  • Mental: The healthiest minds are quiet, free of mental chatter. With a quiet mind, we are able to intuit and have conscious thought.

Our environment, what we eat, as well as how we think and act has an energy value that directly impacts our health and vitality. Eating fresh food from the garden, sharing a smile, feeling love, and performing good deeds supplies us with the most vitality. On the other hand, highly processed foods, negative thoughts, and anger diminish energy.

Show your true colors by feeding your inner rainbow with the beauty of nature. Introducing fresh fruits, herbal teas, and colorful gemstones to your life will improve your health, vitality, and energy levels.

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