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FREE for Chakralicious Reiki Students:

Say goodbye to the old you and Hello to a new refreshed, revitalized you in just 30 days! It's your time to shine!


Hi there, beautiful souls!
Get ready to unwrap the gift of healing this holiday season with the

Reiki 30-Day Challenge – 'Healed for the Holidays!'
Here are 12 reasons why this challenge is your passport to a transformed and more fabulous YOU!

  1. Transform your life in 30 Days: Say goodbye to the old you and hello to a refreshed, revitalized version of you in just 30 days! It’s your time to shine!

  2. Experience Peace and Calm within: Want a reset button for inner peace? Here it is…Experience the serenity within, no matter what chaos surrounds you.

  3. Have a renewed sense of self: Unleash the power within and let your inner light shine brighter than ever before.

  4. Build habits to stay balanced and healed: I’m not just talking about temporary fixes; you will learn habits that keep you balanced and glowing with healing vibes every day!

  5. Not get triggered by things that normally bother you: Become the unshakeable force you were meant to be. No more letting small things ruffle your feathers – you've got this!

  6. Prepares you to better deal with family members that don’t share the same values: Family dynamics? We've got you covered. Navigate those holiday gatherings with grace, patience, and a newfound understanding.

  7. Eat pie without feeling guilty: Yes, you read that right! Enjoy your holiday treats guilt-free, because self-love and a slice of pie can coexist in perfect harmony.

  8. Experience more acceptance and self-love: Love yourself a little more each day. Embrace your uniqueness, and watch the love within you grow and radiate.

  9. It’s easier to love and accept others: Spread the love! As you become a love magnet, watch how much easier it becomes to embrace the diversity and beauty in everyone around you.

  10. It’s easier for you to set boundaries and let go of what doesn’t serve you: Release what no longer serves you. Set those boundaries like a pro and create the space for positivity and joy.

  11. Feel confident that you are okay: Embrace confidence like never before. Know deep down that you are more than okay – you are extraordinary!

  12. Choose what you devote your time to: Take control of your time and energy. Be the director of your life's stage, choosing who gets a front-row seat in your spectacular show!


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included:


Weekly Zoom Sessions with Linda: 

Each week has a unique topic and exercises to learn and practice.


Online modules with downloads, MP3's and MP4 and tools to help you stay on track.


Weekly Reiki circle with Linda's advanced students.

Weekly prize/s for those who show up and shine.

Win a reading from a Reiki sister or Linda.

Meet and get support from your Reiki family.

30-Day Reiki Challenge Chart image_edited.jpg

So, are you ready to dive into 'Healed for the Holidays'?

Say yes to a more vibrant, peaceful, and confident you!

Sign up now and let the 30-Day Reiki Challenge transform your holiday season.

Your journey to a brighter you starts today!

Not a Chakralicious Reiki student yet?

Register here for Intro to Energy Healing 

with Reiki Level 1 for only $175.

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