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Hi there, 
I'm Linda

Most days, you can find me:  playing ball with my dog Ginger, collaborating with other healers and psychics, and creating Chakralicious recipes for me and my life partner, David.

I am mostly known for:  Reiki and gemstone healing, helping others to heal from depression and being an  advocate for suicide prevention.

People often refer to me as:  the Healer's Healer.

I love serving the world by:  Bringing inner beauty to the surface and teaching people that they make the world a better place just by being themselves.


The things I am most passionate about in life are: transformation, performing make-overs, and mixing things up!


NOW, HERE'S WHY You're Here

I'm an international Chakra psychic, Reiki master teacher and award-winning esthetician.

I am lucky to teach healers, how to understand, embrace, and utilize their healing and intuitive abilities so they become confident and prosperous healers in their own business. 

I am a contributing author for the Milady Esthetics textbook, a featured author for beauty industry magazines, including Skin Inc, WellSpa 360, Dermascope, Skin Deep, and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques. I speak at trade shows around the country for the Int'l Esthetics, Cosmetics, & Spa Conference, and Face & Body. I have won an award at The Skin Games in the Holistic category and been showcased on Debra Zachau's Grow Your Light, Lipgloss & Aftershave, and Beauty Biz Club podcasts.

When I’m not busy working on ways to heal, and communing with my spirit counsel, you can catch me: 


• Creating recipes and music playlists for my Chakralicious recipe book.

• Rocking out to classic rock, dancing to disco, salsa or early rap & hip hop

• Taking my dog Ginger shopping for treats and new outfits

• Laughing and having fun with friends, David and Ginger.

Here are five things you probably don't know about me.

When people ask where I'm from:

I grew up in the Air Force and we moved 30 times by the time I was 18. 

When they asked me what I wanted to be growing up:

It was either a go-go dancer or a geologist. I always loved dancing and rocks!

My drink of choice:

I put crystals in my beverages for a natural high...non-alcoholic of course. 

My guilty pleasure:

Watching murder mysteries. and trying to figure out who dunnit. 

What's my WHY:

Losing my mother to depression and suicide when I was 13 became the catalyst for the work I do today. I chose to live and heal from my own depression when I was 30 and got my calling to teach others to heal after seeing the entire country in a state of depression after 9/11.


Still here? Let's connect!

I've got a free Formula For a Prayer to share with you.

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