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Are you ready to heal?

Being a healer starts with healing yourself first!

When you shine your light, you attract like-hearted people.

Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1

is designed to:

  • Remove fears, doubts, and second-guessing yourself.

  • Release stress and gain confidence to be the empath, healer, intuitive that you are.

  • Quiet your mind and emotions to gain clarity and move forward in life. 

  • Experience more inner peace and happiness.

  • Gain the skills and resources you need to share your healing abilities with others.

… You will learn: 

  • Healing tools to rebalance and restore your own energy through Self-Reiki treatments.

  • The fundamentals of energy, the Chakra system, conscious breath, meditation, and intentional prayer. 

  • Reiki hands-on healing techniques for yourself and others. 

  • How to protect yourself against negativity and other energy zappers.

  • To gain confidence in your own healing abilities that will last a lifetime. 

Heal yourself...and you become the inspiration for others!

You cannot heal anyone but yourself but, you can be the inspiration for others to want to heal themselves

​Working through the lessons in Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1 on yourself will teach you how to protect yourself and help you confidently step into your role as healer...for yourself and others. 



Let me just be clear: 


This isn’t your average Reiki training. It’s a complete step-by-step course on how to heal yourself from stress, anxiety, negative self-talk, and even depression.


My approach to healing is a unique method that focuses on healing your spirit and consciously connecting with your spirit counsel. It's about transforming your life from broken to healed to healer. 


I healed myself from depression over 30 years ago and now I teach others how to do the same. If you are committed to healing and taking the steps needed, I know that practicing Reiki regularly can help you too!

Here’s what’s included:


  • Receive your Reiki Level 1 Attunement from Linda

  • Access16 Training Videos on how to understand energy healing and the steps to heal yourself, including:

    • How to heal in your healing journey: Conscious breath, Meditation, Intentional prayer.

    • Energy Conversation: What is Reiki, the 3 Levels of Reiki.

    • The Chakra System: Energy conversation #2, It takes like to heal like.

    • How-To Reiki Treatments: Start your self-treatment, How to perform a full-body self-treatment, Seated self-Reiki with Meeting Your Future Self guided visualization.

    • Performing Treatments on others: Full body treatment on others, Mini-treatments on others.

  • Access to Reiki 30-Day Challenges held Live with Linda throughout the year.

  • Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1 Certificate upon completion

Cost: $195

Your course downloads include:


  • Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki 1 Workbook (55 pages)

  • 5 Hand Position Charts

    • 2 Self treatments

    • 2 Treatments for others

    • 1 Reiki Facial

  • Reiki Self-Guided Treatment MP3 (35 minutes)

  • Breath of Light meditation (5 minutes)

  • Reiki Seated Treatment MP4 with Meeting Your Future Self Meditation (23 minutes)

  • Chakra Assessment Form to be used with treatments on others

  • Condition of the Chakras Form to be used with treatments on others

This course is for you if you want


  • To move beyond, depression, self-doubt, second guessing yourself, anxiety, or imposter syndrome.

  • To be excited to get up each morning to live your life with meaning and purpose.

  • Be a confident matter what type of healer you are.


… and even if:


  • You doubt that you have what it takes.

  • You're afraid of being judged.

  • Or, you think you won't do it right...


But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what others are saying:

Julie Hasson_edited.jpg

Julie Hasson, Esthetician, GF Chef + Recipe Developer

"Linda's courses have been amazing and have forever changed my life in the most incredible ways!"

Anna Falcon Bermudez.jpg

Anna Falcon Bermudez, L.E., CIDESCO Diplomat,
The Suite Spot

For the past 8 years I have struggled with anxiety and depression. I searched for ways to get back to my old true self and although diet, exercise, and raising my frequency helped, I still felt that I wasn't at my best. 

Since taking Linda's Reiki level 1 and Gemstones Treatment courses, I have performed Reiki on myself almost daily and couldn't wait to put my hands on my peoples. I feel much more centered, loving, lighter, gaining more abilities, and still evolving as I continue to heal. 

I get emotional and am so grateful for when I think back to where I was then, and where I am now. Reiki gave me hope that I could get in touch with my old self and gave me the will to find her again. I want that for my beloved family, friends, and clients. I hope that Reiki can give you the will to keep going and reconnect with who you truly are. 


Reyna Funderburgh, Esthetician

"I loved everything I learned in Linda's Reiki course! It was empowering. She gave me the tools to build confidence in myself and my healing abilities. It's like getting the ingredients to bake a cake and customize it my way. I have this new confidence to go out and put my healing hands on others!"

Meghan Smolka.jpg

Meghan Smolka, Photographer
& Nada Yoga sound healer

"Reiki helped save and transform my life. When I was approaching my lowest point, when the depression and anxiety and low-self-esteem of a lifetime was taking its greatest toll, I began crying out for help. I am truly grateful that my Master Teacher Linda Bertaut was led to me.


I’ve heard many stories and seen many Reiki “Masters” who do not embody the teachings of a true helper, healer, teacher or spiritual guide as she does, and continues to do in my life and that of many other students."

Hi Healer, I’m Linda Bertaut, Chakra-Psychic, Reiki master teacher and award-winning esthetician. I mentor those who are broken to heal from depression and anxiety and become healers themselves.


I also love performing make-overs, mixing things up and playing with rocks. I believe that we each have unique talents that are meant to be shared to make the world a better place. 


My story looks a lot like yours. I was a talented person who used to suffer from severe bouts of depression. I tried everything, including talk therapy, group therapy, workshops, seminars, one-on-one trainings and nothing worked to get rid of my depression and self-doubt. I felt so discouraged and at times utterly hopeless.


However, when I met my Reiki master teacher and learned Reiki, hands-on and distance Energy Healing, everything changed. I discovered that depression is more a condition of a broken spirit than a disease of the mind. That it takes like to heal like...You can't heal the spirit with the mind.


Reiki, energy medicines and gemstone therapy have allowed me to heal my spirit and maintain my glow. It has given me the confidence to create signature healing methods in my business and to mentor other healers to heal and embrace their healing gifts with  confidence.


If you have the desire and are willing to do the work, my Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1 is a great place to start healing. So what are you waiting for?


Donna Kay Parrish, Esthetician, DKP Esthetics

“I was just thinking the other day how different my life is because I met you. I want to Thank you for that! I gained the ability to believe in myself. Reiki, meditation, and journaling helped me to feel that I was a person and to get through the things that were holding me back. I just needed to dig deep and get in touch with the part of myself that I had not visited in years. At age 45 it all started to fall into place."


Nichelle Mosley, Esthetician, The Barrier Queen

"Feeling stressed, doubtful, or stuck? Healing starts with you. If you want to make a more significant impact with long-lasting effects…Linda Bertaut is a powerhouse--Reiki master teacher, beauty expert, and author who’s revolutionizing the wellness and beauty industries. I've personally seen huge shifts: less reactivity, clearer purpose, and a more empowered outlook. Basically, you learn to receive, so you can better serve the ones that matter most in your life."


Lynn DeVerna, Esthetician, The Skin Studio

"My life changed in so many ways. Let’s just say I had many “aha” moments. The biggest difference that occurred was my self-confidence. I always had this little voice in my head saying that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, didn’t know enough, but that voice has been shut off. Now, I know what I am doing, and I feel confident!"

Are you ready to transform your life? I am living proof that this is possible for you! Reiki helped me to heal from years of depression


I healed my spirit over 30 years ago using Reiki and now I teach you the methods I used to heal in Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1. 


Are you ready to change your life?

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