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Formula for a Prayer:

Learn a simple formula to manifest with your spirit guides daily through Intentional Prayer!


The Universe wishes

to conspire on your


Does this sound like you? 

  • You use prayer to get you out of a jam.

  • You plead for help but are not clear what you want instead.

  • If it doesn't work, you don't believe there is a higher power looking out for you. 

  • Add your story here...


If you’re nodding your head, I hear you! You are not alone...That's why I created the Formula for a Prayer. 

Become the Co-Creator in your life!

This simple step-by-step, fill in the blanks, formula will help you do just that! 


Download my free resource now! 


You will learn how to:


  • Let go of what no longer serves you.

  • Ask for what you want.

  • Create a prayer that engages your spirit helpers.


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