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Got Energy? Feeding Your Inner Rainbow

We think of energy as being physical – the boundless energy of children, nervous energy, and so on – but energy is actually fuel, and your physical self depends on the energy from your subtle energy body. Your vitality, or lack thereof, comes from feeding yourself energetically. What I call feeding your Inner Rainbow. Here’s how it works:

Your Chakras collect universal healing energy and distribute it throughout your physical body. This energy radiates from within and surrounds your physical body as your aura. The colors of the aura represent both the health of the physical and subtle energy bodies. A healthy, well fed, aura protects you from external physical and emotional pollutants.

Years of not taking care of yourself depletes you energetically. You leave bits and pieces of your energy behind causing something I call Leaky Aura (shown left). This leaves you susceptible to absorbing unwanted energies from others.

Initially this imbalance may not be apparent on the surface; however, it could lead to long term disease that can eventually reach your physical body – something that is more difficult to reverse. Leaky Aura causes stress, excessive mental chatter, depression, anxiety, and more.

Healing Leaky Aura

When you are full of your own energy, the only energy that can penetrate is conscious spirit energy collected by the Chakras. As you consciously focus on filling your Leaky Aura, you fill the spaces that allow other energies in. Eventually, your aura will more resemble the one pictured to the right.

Your healthy aura protects you from absorbing unwanted energy. The universal healing energy collected by your Chakras comes from nature, doing what you love, and shining your light; some simple ways to infuse your Chakras are:

A walk in nature

A trip to the beach

Fun, laughter, and activities you love

Items/products infused with spirit energy -Energy Medicines – such as Gemstones and Flower Essences

Energy healing energy such as Reiki hands-on healing

Products infused with Reiki energy, including Chakralicious Mood Mists

Play: puppies, kittens, and toddlers are great sources of healing energy

Take a Chakralicious workshop or webinar

Have you noticed how you feel revitalized after time in nature or a good belly laugh? This is color energy. You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, and health. When you are full of color, life looks brighter, you have less stress, and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. You look brighter too. People might say to you that you “glow.”

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