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The 7 Chakras Explained

Each Chakra has its own personality and represents a unique aspect of your essence. When you understand the energy that fuels each Chakra you can see how each one contributes to your Chakraliciousness. Here is a brief overview of how the Chakras work together:

  1. The first Chakra is the most physical and provides you the energy to survive, thrive, and take action to walk your unique path in life.

  2. The second Chakra is a feeling center and provides the ability to create, relate to others, experience the pleasure of the senses and have passion for life.

  3. The third Chakra is mental and provides you with the ability to learn, have the will to persevere, and project your external image to others.

  4. The fourth Chakra connects you to your inner self and nature’s rhythm. Here you experience “unconditional” love, heartfelt resonance, and conscious awareness.

  5. The fifth Chakra is your communication center and allows you to accept the many facets that make you unique to express yourself authentically.

  6. The sixth Chakra is your third eye and provides clear vision to see the big picture, how you fit into the picture, and take the steps needed to actualize your vision.

  7. The seventh Chakra is the most etheric energy, allowing you to intuit and receive intuitive insights and information from source to guide you on your path.

When you use the Chakra energy available to you, you act from your whole self; body, mind and spirit:

You receive information from a conscious source (7th Chakra) so you have clear vision to see how you fit into the big picture (6th Chakra). You can then clearly communicate (5th Chakra) your vision from the heart with love and compassion (4th Chakra). You have the will and perseverance (3rd Chakra) to bring your vision into the physical world with creativity and passion (2nd Chakra) so you can take action and walk your unique path in life (1st Chakra).

Stress, anxiety, depression, and constant mental chatter are signs of not utilizing your innate abilities to create your life through intuition and feelings. It is time to move out of your head for the answers and to tap into your intuition and feelings to guide you along your path. -Linda Bertaut

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