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Turn off your inner critic and tune in to intuition!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Negative thought patterns become habit and cannot be simply “thought” away. They are programmed to be in your head; most likely placed there as a way to keep you safe or to conform to a certain way of being.

If you work and live in the world you will suffer from some degree of mental programming that takes you away from being yourself. Not being true to You is what creates stress, anxiety and depression! When you quiet your mind, you clear interference that keeps you from the feelings and intuition that are meant to guide you along your path.

Known methods for quieting the mind are meditation and listening to guided visualizations.

With meditation you will experience varying degrees of success based on how often you practice. It takes time learn how to quiet the mind and most people don’t have the patience to be consistent.

Guided visualizations give your mind something to focus on. Depending on the content this could be a step in the right direction. Click on the link for my guided visualization gift to you: Breath of Light by Linda Bertaut

Quieting the mind happens when you feed your spirit!

Energy Healing is my favorite method because it is so simple. I teach a combination of healing modalities that feed your spirit to quiet the mind and calm the emotions. With regular practice you feel a sense of peace, grounded,focused and confident to be yourself.

Learn more about my classes.

Quiet the mind with Reiki hands-on healing

Stay tuned for more tips on being Chakralicious and living your life with purpose! Chakraliciously yours, Linda


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